Why Should You Buy Unlocked Mobile Phones?

Buying a new mobile phone can be quite confusing. At the moment, the market is flooded with hundreds of different brands and mobile phones that you can purchase. Smartphones have now overtaken feature phones, and almost everybody has one. If you go smartphone shopping, the shopkeeper will generally give you a choice between carrier-locked devices and factory unlocked phones.

Unlocked Mobile Phones

A carrier locked device is a standard smartphone that has been locked to a particular carrier. You might see the company’s logo on the smartphone, and the phone itself might be running a modified version of the mobile operating system. Millions of people buy carrier locked devices simply because they are quite cheap. For instance, if a factory unlocked device costs around $700, its carrier locked counterpart would cost around $250.

However, rather than buying a carrier-locked device, it’s always best to purchase a factory unlocked phone. Unlocked mobile phones might be more expensive than a carrier locked device, but they are a much better choice in many ways. Here are just some of the reasons why you should purchase an unlocked device:

Saves Money in the Long Run

Most people usually stick with a mobile phone for at least a couple of years. If you are buying a carrier locked device, you will be stuck with that same carrier and their data plans for the best part of two years. However, if you have a factory unlocked device, you can easily switch carriers in order to save more money on your mobile phone usage. You won’t be locked to one network. In case you find a cheaper plan, you can easily switch networks quickly. It’s extremely convenient for people who are on a budget.

Unlocked Mobile Phones1

No Roaming Charges

If you travel abroad with a carrier locked device, you will incur roaming charges. Since you won’t be able to switch out the SIM, you will end up using roaming data. This will cost you a small fortune on your travels. However, if you have an unlocked mobile device, you can easily switch out the SIM and use a local one for as long as you are in the country. Not only does it help you save a great deal of money, but it will also allow you to offset some of the premium that you paid for the unlocked device.

Quicker Updates

Operating system updates are regularly released by companies such as Google and Apple in order to patch bugs and introduce newer features. However, when an update is released, it is first sent to the carrier company, which modifies the software program by adding its own applications and branding on top before rolling out the version to all users. However, if you own a factory unlocked device, you will receive updates as soon as they are released by your smartphone manufacturer.For those who want the latest operating system on their device as soon as it’s released, this is the best option.