Using Movavi Photo Editor for Basic Photo Editing

Movavi Photo Editor is a small investment for small businesseswho frequently use photos in their advertising campaigns. With Movavi Photo Editor, you can make some changes onto the photos without having to spend money to hire a professional to do the job. You can easily create a brochure filled with beautiful photos or a beautiful magazine cover with the Movavi photo editor software.

Photo editing can improve the quality of the image that you are using to represent your products and services in the brochures. Movavi photo editor can make the photos of your products look attractive to the prospective customers and make them want to buy your products so that you can get more sales.


You can make a photo look more professional by using Movavi Photo Editor to remove any unwanted detail that you don’t want your prospective customers to see. Removing an unwanted detail in the photo is as easy as marking it with a red highlighting tool and clicking on the erase button.

The image editor will automatically restore the pattern in the area based on the pattern in the surrounding area. For example, if you remove a bird in the clouds, it can restore the space where the bird was there previously by imitating the cloud patterns. No one can tell that the bird was there in the cloud after you erase it with the object removal tool.

In Movavi Photo Editor, there is a background removal tool that you can use to remove any type of background in the photo. It can remove the background no matter how complicated it is. You can experiment with different backdrops to see which one is suitable before exporting the photo in your preferred format.

When you are starting out, the photos of your products play an important role in the success of your business. People want to see genuine photos of your products rather than stock photos. You can use the photo editor to edit photos of your products/services before showcasing them on your site. Survey shows that more than half of online shoppers put emphasis on the image quality of the products when they are making a purchase decision.

Movavi Photo Editor allows you to edit the images with different parameters such as brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness and gamma. You can drag the toggle for these parameters until you are satisfied with the image quality. The Magic Enhance tool can perform automatic enhancement on the quality of the photo. You can enhance the photo by modifying the color saturation, contrast and etc.

When editing the photo, you can insert text at anywhere on the photo. You can choose from font styles that are already installed on your computer as well as a range of new font styles that come with the software. The text can be rotated and resized according to your needs. You can add text watermarks onto the photo to prevent other people from copying your photo. Movavi Photo Editor is compatible with Windows OS up to Windows 10 and the software can also be launched on Mac computer.