Creating successful YouTube channel with iPiccy image editing program

Creating YouTue channel – most common mistakes

Online video channel is one of the most popular trends these days. Some people are doing it for fun, others use is as a marketing tool to earn some money. If you consider having your own channel, you need to understand that in the amount of channels that are available online, your channel needs to be competitive and, in such a way, stand out from other channels. Design can be easily created with the help of various channel background makers but there are other secrets.

Plenty of video bloggers fail to achieve their goals because they had a wrong approach to video creation. Just like there are methods and ways to increase popularity online, there are ways to decrease it. Avoid the most common mistakes and you will make your channel popular.

Common mistakes to avoid

Creating video blog on YouTube does not guarantee you popularity. Sometimes it is a slow and “delicate” work. However, knowing and avoiding the most widely spread mistakes will help you dramatically.

  • Establish one and main channel, which will have a specific topic. One of the biggest mistakes is creating several different blogs and then uploading videos on absolutely different themes. One of the main tasks of any blogger is to attract specific audience- audience that will have similar interests.


  • Not using tags is another popular mistake. Tags are used to categorize videos and, in such a way, ease the process of video search. If you want other people to find your videos on YouTube, do not forget about using tags. However, it does not mean copying or simply stealing someone’s tags. Use your own tags.
  • Do not upload videos on your channel without any progress. Your goad is not just to make your channel popular but also to learn how to make high quality videos. Work on your skills too.
  • Using standard cheesy design is a killing point for most channels. People get naturally attracted and interested in things that appeal to their eye. The Internet is full of recommendations and tools to make your channel outstanding.

Unique design for your channel with iPiccy

 One of the best ways to make your channel different is using customized banners, which you can easily create with the help of one of the best graphic designers and image editing tools online – iPiccy. The programs has amazingly simple interface but offers a wide range of tools to achieve effect that you want. Creating a customized banner is immensely easy with The software will help you make an amazing banner just in several simple steps. No need to put up with a standard cheesy design when you can make your own design and make your channel attractive to visitors and unique.

Enjoy video making with iPiccy

Mistakes that should be avoided when creating videos on YouTube. Create unique and customized design with iPiccy – advanced online channel background maker.