Interush IRIS eComm Benefits

What are the Interush IRIS eComm Benefits offered to the User

Mobile banking apps, for instance enable the users to perform a number of transactions, as well as to search for the nearest ATM. An airline app might offer a convenient booking procedure with a chance of generating a boarding pass and storing in electronically within the app. An app from a retail chain might allow several users to browse the stock, locate a store and make mobile purchases. Even though some companies are still considering whether to create a mobile application for their business, the majority of businesses has already created one for themselves to reap in the competitive benefits. The major IRIS eComm benefits are as below.

The major benefits of IRIS eComm has been the ability of the user to create up to six different email groups. Henceforth, they would be able to make use of several offered email templates for sending professionally designed marketing messages to various contacts. However, these messages would be sent to their contacts on the desired time and date, which the user has scheduled them to be sent. Among the several benefits, the IRIS eComm enables the affiliates to take part in the ARC bonus marketing program that has been encouraged by the company.