Interush IRIS eComm Review

Interush IRIS eComm Review

Interush IRIS eComm Review at your Disposal

Mobile applications or popularly known as apps are software applications, which have been designed to run on smart phones as well as tablets. Applications for mobile platforms have been enjoying great popularity and the scope of their use has been quickly expanding. It was originally implemented for emails, contact databases and calendars. However, mobile apps have now been widely used for mobile games, banking, factory automation, social media, location-based services, order tracking systems, online shopping, ticket purchases and more.

While going through IRIS eComm Review, you would gain a comprehensive understanding and knowledge on how to create various groups and send messages and templates designed for marketing to various contacts on a specified date and time. IRIS eComm has been designed specifically for the user to make use of the app and can create up to six customized email groups. Henceforth, you could make use of the email templates and quickly send professionally designed marketing messages to several contacts on a specified time and date. The marketing messages would be sent on the time and date scheduled by the user. IRIS eComm would also offer several affiliates to take part in the ARC Bonus marketing program that would be driven by the company.


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