Interush Racing Cars

Interush Racing Cars


racing cars for branding and sport

One of the fun things about being an international company is posting your logo on the fast cars at racing tournaments. Interush has been cleverly doing that.

One of the Interush cars was featured in a racing championship in Sepang Malaysia. The Interush car did well, with happy prospects to claim the title in the next round in Macau. Interush is glad to be a global brand that is building connections using the power of the internet. Communication tools and the necessity of helping Chinese and Japanese clients use the internet effectively has empowered Interush’s business model. The challenge comes when there is competition. Interush is showing itself to be a pro both in the racing arena and in the business field. One of the fundamental axioms of good business is to care deeply for your customers and Interush is doing precisely that.

With its forays into the Singapore, Philippines and Japan markets – Interush has made great strides to introduce its wonderful suite of Internet and health products to the Asian market.

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